Temples + Quentin Gas & Los Zíngaros

 2019 | March 14th
La Riviera | Madrid
19:30 | Opening


We will close the current Tomavistas Ciudad season with a very special concert from one of our most beloved bands. Temples were with us in Tomavistas Festival 2017 playing one of the most memorable gigs in the history of the festival. Now we want to feel again this energy and go one step further with a longer concert, with new songs from their upcoming third album alongside with their usual hits and enjoying all the special features that just a concert played at an indoor venue can offer. This is exactly the aim of Tomavistas Ciudad since its beginning four years ago and which will reach its peak with this concert.

Considered heirs of the best psychedelia and pop from the 60s, Temples are one of the most amazing bands that have emerged in the UK in the recent years with a very bright evolution and an unusual skill for instant hits only seen on a very few artists. Their debut ‘Sun Structures’ was celebrated a lot by the British press; with ‘Volcano’ they expanded their spectrum – perhaps following the paths explored by Tame Impala years before, introducing some more electronic touches – and with their new work, all the doors are open to know how far his compositional expertise has taken them this time.

A very special concert full of attractions which will set the way towards our beloved festival which will take place almost two months after having shared this great gift with all of you.




quentin gas & Los Zíngaros

Whenever it is talked about this Sevillian group, terms such as psychedelia and flamenco fusion are used. Whenever Quentin Gas & Los Zíngaros are mentioned, references such as Temples, Tame Impala, The Horrors, but also as Triana or Camarón are employed. Everything leads us to talk about a band that has just released a record as ‘Sinfonía Universal. Cap 02’ which has collected a lot of positive reviews by the specialized press. Among those reviews, we choose these two: El Ukulele: “(…) is one of the albums of psychedelia of the year, of the decade and beyond. An exercise that requires an imagination and an infinite assembly capacity”. Muzikalia: “(…), one of the most interesting albums of 2018. A daring and avant-garde work”

The band had already published in 2017 ‘Caravana’, which also included incredible songs like ‘Deserto Rosso’ in which Niño de Elche collaborated with his voice and which has brought them the opportunity to be part of the soundtrack of the Spanish series of recent success Arde Madrid. The evolution from Caravana to their new album has taken them to an interstellar sphere (remember that the album is about the escape of humanity to other planets in the galaxy after destroying the Earth), more eclectic (flirting with electronic music) and with more continuity sooner than later in a next album that is already in process. We are looking forward to seeing them in Madrid and what better time than this date shared with one of his greatest idols, Temples.