Main sponsor

This year we begin a collaboration with Dr.Martens. They will name one of the stages of the festival and sponsor our Tomavistas Ciudad 2019/2020 music program. 

The first pair of Dr.Martens boots came off the production line on April 1, 1960 and their famous durability and comfortable design have made them an ideal footwear for concerts and street fashion since that day.

Official Media

MondoSonoro is an independent music content platform. It was firstly launched as a paper magazine in 1994 and it became the first online magazine in 1998. Nowadays, it has more than 200,000 unique web users and almost 700,000 followers in social media. Besides, it shares a partnership with a dozens of national festivals, having in some of them its own stage. What is more, it has been awarded with two prizes at Premios Fest 2018. In 2019, MondoSonoro will celebrate 25 years as a witness, but also a main figure, of the evolution of the music industry.

Official Transport Sponsor

Wondo is an urban mobility app which informs about the best way to reach your destination not only by public transport, but also by other type of transportation like taxis, Cabify, car and motorbike sharing services, bikes, etc. We also offer taxi or bus sharing services to take you to your favorites events such as Tomavistas.