concierto Boy Pablo tomavistas ciudad

Boy Pablo + Inner Wave @ Ochoymedio

 2022 | March 3th
Ochoymedio (Sala BUT) | Madrid
20:30h | Opening
Advance sale: 18€+fees

Boy Pablo is the stage name of the Chilean-Norwegian songwriter, singer and instrumentalist Nicolás Muñoz. His career began almost by accident in 2017 with the release of the marginal hymn “Everytime”, which became viral overnight and made Boy Pablo to become one of the biggest future stars of the new indie pop with this Mac DeMarco style. A few years and great singles after, we have arrived at the moment when we can already confirm that Boy Pablo is more connected to his art than ever. He has improved his cohesive and creative vision, becoming a complete force (he has now a full band), in order to be confirmed in the indie-pop world. This is actually something he has already achieved if we look at his figures in YouTube (32 million views of “Everytime”) and Spotify, where he has more than 3 million monthly listeners.

And remember: he is just 21 years old.

His debut album is out on October 23th and we have already enjoyed two singles from it (with their B sides): “Hey Girl” and “Honey”. The growth of Boy Pablo as a songwriter and an artist is really visible in this new album, the first of his career. Along the album, Muñoz takes the listeners through the ups and downs of Wachito Rico’s love story (his alter ego), but leaving behind the obstacles. Because if there is something that highlights along the whole album, it is this positive mood that keeps him with his feet on the ground even in the hard times. Despite the presence of Wachito Rico as a character, the album comes from a personal place for Muñoz, as the songs have arisen from the joy and pain he has experienced throughout his short life. But even the darkest moments, like living a breakup, are overshadowed by a brighter and a carpe diem mood. A delicious debut.

On March 3th Wachito Rico is coming to Madrid thanks to Tomavistas Ciudad and we promise you that this will be one of those concerts you will proudly talk about in the future saying: “I was there”. Do not miss out Boy Pablo’s big debut in our country. Tickets now on sale!